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Разработчик Boundless Net Co. Ltd

Anycharge is a wireless charging service provided by Boundless Network, which targets the charging demand in public space.

For general consumer, they can check locations of the wireless charging stations, check how many chargers are available now in each station through the anycharge APP. They can also enjoy the Extreme Charging Service by registration in the APP. (Extreme Charging: the phone will be charged at the maximum speed that this phone can support. It could be even faster than wire charging.

When users arrive the charging station, they can get the wireless power by just placing their phone on top of the wireless charger, provided that their phone is equipped with built-in wireless power functionality. If their phone is not able to be charged wirelessly, they can still get the service via a lollipop-shaped accessory receiver.

Boundless network, is an operator of the wireless charging network, which is funded on 2015. The Anycharge wireless charging service provided by them includes not only the above (to general consumers), but also the following (to business users).

1. Installation of wireless charger (ex: furniture and deployment)
2. Placement of lollipop-shaped accessory receiver (ex: Stand)
3. Remote management for all devices (through IoT gateway and cloud server)
4. Embedded SDK / Membership system
5. Value added service (ex: usage data).
6. Maintenance.

In summary, after more than 20 months development from August 2015, the Anycharger was promoted to the market from March 2017. It provide the fastest charging speed in the world, the pioneer wireless charging network and the innovative value-added service. Looking into the future, Boundless Network will keep improving the system and service quality, with the hope to achieve the goal of world number one.

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